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Investing in a mutual fund is like an investment made by a collective. An individual as a single investor is likely to have lesser amount of money at disposal than say, a group of friends put together. Now, let's assume that this group of individuals is a novice in investing and so the group turns over the pooled funds to an expert to make their money work for them.

This is what a professional Asset Management Company does for mutual funds. The AMC invests the investors' money on their behalf into various assets towards a common investment objective.     

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Timing the market is no guessing matter. To the little investor, timing the market is like taking a random walk. Here we suggest the recurring route- invest a portion of your savings regularly at all type of market. The average cost of your purchase, over a period of time, will deliver good returns for you. Also buy and hold the good stocks for better returns on a white background.

What is "in" today is "out" tomorrow. Most people only recognize the pattern after it has become apparent to almost everyone else and is too late to act upon. For example, if investment in Parma appears to be the current flavor, you are probably already too late to cash in on the trend. 

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Corporate Deposits are loan arrangements where a specific amount of funds is placed on deposit under the name of the account holder. The money placed on deposit earns a fixed rate of interest, according to the terms and conditions that govern the account.

The actual amount of the fixed rate can be influenced by such factors at the type of currency involved in the deposit, the duration set in place for the deposit, and the location where the deposit is made. 

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